About Stol

My name is Mark Stoleson. When you call the shop, I’m the guy that answers the phone and will translate your inquiry into one of the finest guitars you will ever own.

You won’t find mass produced, cookie cutter knock-offs like the guitars covering the walls at the “big box” music stores. Not here. What you will find is a variety of hand crafted Stol Guitar models that represent an unparalleled value in the custom guitar market.

At Stol Guitars, the use of CNC equipment is kept to a minimum and reserved for functions like, cutting pickup cavities, rough shaping bodies and slotting fingerboards. I call it “the grunt work.” Then there is all the fine detail work that can only be done by hand—the work that gives an instrument its soul. The moment you pick up a Stol Guitar and play it, you will know.

My philosophy is simple. Build guitars with the same passion for music as the people who play them.

We do everything IN HOUSE Tube amps by ( Whitney, AKA Whit) 811 Tube amps Built to date ,Custom cabinets, pickup winding,custom guitars just ask :) the only thing we dont do is pinstriping we leave that to the pro,s



Whitney Amplification
Watch our fretboard machine cutting fret slots on the same radius as the board